순번 학술대회명 제목 저자 등록일 세부과제번호
IC14 Nano Korea Symposium 2012 Fabrication of sub-10 nm nanopore using self-aligned double layer resist processing technique Joongguen Lee, Bongho Kim, Daehong Kim, Hyungyu Le 2012-08-16 5
IC13 Nano Korea Symposium 2012 Micro fluidic system using hydrodynamic particle separation You-Sang Yoon, Dongguen Lee, Bonghyun Park and Seu 2012-08-16 5
IC12 ICMAP 2012 The 4th international conference on microelectronics and plasma technology Cathodeluminance and photoluminance characteristics of lithium-doped ZnO nanowires with P-type conduction characteristics Wonbae Ko, Sanghyo Lee, Jun seok Lee,,seoungnam ch 2012-06-30 5 (6)
IC11 ICMAP 2012 The 4th international conference on microelectronics and plasma technology Observation of dopant activation in Lithium-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized by hydrothermal process Sanghyo Lee, Jun seok Lee,seoungnam cha, Jung inn 2012-06-30 5 (6)
IC10 Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam technology and Nanofabrication Fabrication of on-chip fluidic channels incorporating nanopores using self-aligned double layer resist processing technique Bongho Kim, Jihun Kwon, Daehong Kim, Sungwoo Chun, 2012-06-30 5 (6)
IC09 ISMM 2012 Enhanced cancer cell separation from human whole blood in a contraction-expansion array microchannel Myung Gwon Lee, Chae Yun Bae, Je-Kyun Park 2012-06-30 2
IC08 2012 KSBMB Annual meeting Identification of inhibitory and diagnostic peptides against Sox2 of human embryonic stem cells 조준행, 이상춘, 윤문영 2012-05-31 5
IC07 2012 KSBMB Annual meeting Screening of peptides specific to PKCδ, crucial in fractionated-radiation-induced expansion of glioma cells 조준행, 이상춘, 윤문영 2012-05-31 5
IC06 2012 KSBMB Annual meeting Generation and characterization of a panel of monoclonal antibodies specific for mesenchymal-like non-small cell lung carcinoma cell lines 최홍서 이현민 류춘제 2012-05-31 1
IC05 MSB2012 Conference An integrated portable microdevice using allele-specific polymerase chain reaction-capillary electrophoresis for multiplex SNP typing Choi JY, Kim YT, Ahn J, Chen Y, Song I, Kim HW, Yo 2012-02-13 2
IC04 MSB2012 Conference Integrated DNA barcode assay microdevice for highly sensitive and multiplex pathogen detection at a single cell level Jung JH, Seo TS 2012-02-13 2
IC03 25th IEEE Inter. Conf. on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2012) On-Chip Formation and Perfusion Culture of 3D Tumor Spheroids Using Gravity-Driven Cell Aggregation and Pumpless Balanced Droplet Dispensing Taeyoon Kim, and Young-Ho Cho 2012-02-02 2
IC02 2011 International Conference on Biotronics (Biotronics 2011) Tunable inertial microfluidic sorting in a contraction–expansion array microchannel Myung Gwon Lee, Sungyoung Choi, Je-Kyun Park 2011-11-09 2
IC01 Proceedings of μTAS 2011 Conference High-throughput inertial separation of cancer cells from human whole blood in a contraction-expansion array microchannel Myung Gwon Lee, Chae Yoon Bae, Sungyoung Choi, Hyu 2011-10-01 2


순번 학술대회명 제목 저자 등록일 세부과제번호
DC21 대한약학회 추계학술대회 Potential mechanism underlying 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) resistance in human colon cancer cells 안지영, 우종규, 민혜영, 이지선, 이수찬, 성명아, 이호영 2012-11-30 4
DC20 대한약학회 추계학술대회 Characterization of paclitaxel-resistant human lung cancer cells 성명아, 우종규, 민혜영, 이지선, 이수찬, 안지영, 이호영 2012-11-30 4
DC19 대한기계학회 추계학술대회 강자성 복합체를 이용한 유로 막힘 현상 없는 세포 필터링 소자 장성환, 박현향, 김정엽, 유영은 2012-11-30 3
DC18 대한화학회 제111회(추계) 총회 및 학술발표회 안내 Identification of novel regulatory peptides against Sox2 in human embryonic stem cells 이상춘, 베이그이샤드,윤문영 2012-10-31 5
DC17 The Korean Biochip fall conference An Integrated Allele-specific Polymerase Chain Reaction-microarray Chip for Multiplex Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Typing Jong Young Choi, Yong Tae Kim, Ju-Young Byun, Jinw 2012-10-18 2
DC16 2012 8th KSSCR A panel of monoclonal antibodies against surface molecules on mesenchymal-like non-small cell lung carcinoma cell lines 최홍서 이현민 류춘제 2012-08-30 1
DC15 한국바이오칩학회 2012 춘계학술발표회 Pancreatic β-cell proliferation on mesh-patterned hydrogel Chae Yun Bae, Moon-Kyung Min, Hail Kim and Je-Kyun 2012-05-23 2
DC14 The Korean Biochip spring conference Valveless Polymerase Chain Reaction and Capillary Electrophoresis Microdevice for Genetic Analysis Yong Tae Kim, Jong Young Choi, Yucho Chen, and Tae 2012-05-23 2
DC13 봄 학술 논문 발표회 및 제 88회 정기총회(한국물리학회) Luminance properties of group I litium doped ZnO Nanowire grown by a hydrothermal process at low temperature Hong Jin Pyo, Lee Sanghyo, Lee Jun seok, 2012-04-26 5 (6)
DC12 제14회 한국 MEMS 학술대회 Adsorption-free microparticle injection method by lateral injection of fluids to a PDMS-based microchannel Do-Hyun Lee, Je-Kyun Park 2012-04-05 2
DC11 제14회 한국 MEMS 학술대회 Integrated Allele-Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction-Capillary Electrophoresis Microdevice for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotyping Jong Young Choi, Yong Tae Kim, Jinwoo Ahn, Kwan Su 2012-04-05 2
DC10 제14회 한국 MEMS 학술대회 중력기반 세포응집과 액적 균형공급을 이용한 삼차원 스페로이드 형성 및 펌프 없는 관류 배양칩 김태윤, 조영호 2012-04-05 2
DC09 2012년 대한생체재료아카데미 Synthesis and optimization of membrane-fusible liposome 조형찬, 이준성, 박지호 2012-03-30 2
DC08 2012년 대한생체재료아카데미 Synthesis of Plasmonic Liposome for in vivo application 오정민, 박지호 2012-03-30 2
DC07 한국분자.세포생물학회 제23회 동계학술대회 HER2 increased survivin level via inducing its stabilization while cocomitantly down-regulating its transcription by suppressing Notch cleavage Ju, Ji-hyun; Shin, Incheol 2012-02-01 5 (6)
DC06 한국분자.세포생물학회 제23회 동계학술대회 CD24 Regulates Cell Proliferation and Transforming Growth Factor β–Induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Through Modulation of Integrin β1 Stab Lee, Kyung-min; Ju, Ji-hyun; Jang, Kibeom; Yang, W 2012-02-01 5 (6)
DC05 한국분자.세포생물학회 제23회 동계학술대회 Silencing of CD44 decreased cell migration via down-regulation of c-Src transcription Nam, KeeSoo; Yang, Wonseok; Lee, Kyung-min; Ju, Ji 2012-02-01 5 (6)
DC04 한국분자.세포생물학회 제23회 동계학술대회 EGFR negates the proliferative effect of oncogenic HER2 in MDA-MB-231 cells Oh, Sunhwa; Ju, Ji-hyun; Lee, Kyung-min; Yang, Won 2012-02-01 5 (6)
DC03 한국분자.세포생물학회 제23회 동계학술대회 Protein kinase B/Akt inhibits autophagy via down-regulation of UVRAG expression Yang, Wonseok; Ju, Ji-hyun, Lee; Kyung-min; Shin, 2012-02-01 5 (6)
DC02 제33차 세포생물학회 학술대회 Implications of cancer stem cells in cancer biology and metastasis kim chul geun 2012-01-31 5 (6)
DC01 한국바이오칩학회 2011 추계학술발표회 Throughput nucleated cell separation from human blood using shear modulated inertial migration Joong Ho Shin, Myung Gwon Lee, Fengshan Shen, Je-K 2011-11-03 2