순번 저널명 제목 저자 소속 등록일 세부과제번호
IJ33 Electrophoresis Triblock copolymer-based microchip device for rapid analysis of stuffer-free mulitplex ligation-dependent probe amplification products Gi Won Shin, Yong Tae Kim, Hyun Young Heo, Boram C KAIST 2012-12-01 2
IJ32 CELLULAR SIGNALLING Down-regulation of estrogen receptor alpha (ER alpha) transcriptional activity by p27 is mediated by inhibition of ERa alpha nuclear localization and Jeon, Min Jeong; Yang, Wonseok; Seo, Hye-Sook; Wan Hanyang Univ. 2012-12-01 5
IJ31 Biomedical Microdevices Reliable permeability assay system in a microfluidic device mimicking cerebral vasculatures Ju Hun Yeon, Dokyun Na, Kyungsun Choi, Seung-Wook KAIST 2012-12-01 2
IJ30 CELLULAR SIGNALLING CD24 regulates cell proliferation and transforming growth factor beta-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition through modulation of integrin beta Lee, Kyung-min; Ju, Ji-hyun; Jang, Kibeom; Yang, W Hanyang Univ. 2012-11-01 5
IJ29 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B Fabrication of on-chip fluidic channels incorporating nanopores using self-alinged double layer resist processing technique Bongho Kim, Jihun Kwon, Daehong Kim, Sungwoo Chun, Hanyang Univ. 2012-11-01 5
IJ28 International Journal of Cancer Histone deacetylase inhibitors enhance the apoptotic activity of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 by blocking PKC-induced IGFBP-3 degradat Oh SH, Whang YM, Min HY, Han SH, Kang JH, Song KH, Seoul National Univ. 2012-11-01 4
IJ27 Applied Physics Letters Cell Electroporation Chip Using Multiple Electric Field Zones in a Single Channel Min-Ji Kim, Taeyoon Kim, and Young-Ho Cho KAIST 2012-11-01 2
IJ26 Sensors and Actuators : B A 3D Tumor Spheroid Chip with the Pharmacokinetic Drug Elimination Model Developed by Balanced Droplet Dispensing Taeyoon Kim, Il Doh, and Young-Ho Cho KAIST 2012-11-01 2
IJ25 Current Applied Physics Microelectrofluidic Bench Using UV-curable Rigid Polymer Fabricated by Rapid and Low-temperature Process Il Doh, Sechan Youn, Young-Hyun Jin, and Young-Ho KAIST 2012-11-01 2
IJ24 Biochip Journal Fabrication of various cross-sectional shaped polymer microchannels by a simple PDMS mold based stamping method Jong Seob Choi, Yunxian Piao & Tae Seok Seo KAIST 2012-09-01 2
IJ23 Advanced Healthcare Materials Cellular hydrogel biopaper for patterned 3D cell culture and modular tissue reconstruction Wonhye Lee, Chae Yun Bae, Seyong Kwon, Jaejung Son KAIST 2012-09-01 2
IJ22 Biomicrofluidics On-chip Three-dimensional Tumor Spheroid Formation and Pump-less Perfusion Culture Using Gravity-driven Cell Aggregation and Balanced Droplet Dispensi Taeyoon Kim, Il Doh, and Young-Ho Cho KAIST 2012-09-01 2
IJ21 Applied physics express Photoluminance Analysis of energy level on li-doped nanowires grown by a hydrothermal mehtod Sang hyo Lee, Jun seok Lee, won bae Ko, Jung Inn s Hanyang Univ. 2012-08-01 5
IJ20 Cancer "Epidermal growth factor receptor and K-Ras mutations and resistance of lung cancer to insulin-like growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors Kim WY, Prudkin L, Feng L, Kim ES, Hennessy B, Lee Seoul National Univ. 2012-08-01 4
IJ19 Advanced Materials Hybrid Nanoparticles for Detection and Treatment of Cancer Michael J. Sailor, Ji-Ho Park KAIST 2012-07-24 2
IJ18 Applied Physics Letters Viable Capture and Release of Cancer Cells in Human Whole Blood Hwan-il Yoo, Il Doh, Young-Ho Cho, Jinseon Lee, Ho KAIST 2012-07-23 2
IJ17 CANCER SCIENCE Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 suppresses vascular endothelial growth factor expression and tumor angiogenesis in head and neck squamous Oh, Seung-Hyun; Kim, Woo-Young; Lee, Ok-Hee; Kang, Seoul National Univ. 2012-07-01 4
IJ16 J Dermatol Sci. Identification of anti-melanogenic natural compounds from Galega officinalis and further drug repositioning Ji-Seon Lee, Won-Serk Kim, Jin-Ju Kim, Young-Won C Sogang Univ. 2012-07-01 2
IJ15 Proteome Science IDDI: integrated domain-domain interaction and protein interaction analysis system Yul Kim, Bumki Min and Gwan-Su Yi KAIST 2012-06-21 2
IJ14 BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS Glycogen synthase kinase 3-beta phosphorylates novel S/T-P-S/T domains in Notch1 intracellular domain and induces its nuclear localization Han, Xiangzi; Ju, Ji-Hyun; Shin, Incheol; Hanyang Univ. 2012-06-01 5 (6)
IJ13 JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY PTTG1 Oncogene Promotes Tumor Malignancy via Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and Expansion of Cancer Stem Cell Population Yoon, Chang-Hwan; Kim, Min-Jung; Lee, Hyejin; Kim, Hanyang Univ. 2012-06-01 5
IJ12 Sensors and Actuators : B A Continuous Cell Separator Based on Gravity Force and Buoyant Force in Dissimilar Density Fluids Ae Gyoung Oh, Dong Woo Lee, and Young-Ho Cho KAIST 2012-05-20 2
IJ11 Applied Physics Letters Deformation Measurement of Individual Cells in Large Populations Using a Single-Cell Microchamber Array Chip Il Doh, Won Chul Lee, Young-Ho Cho, Albert P. Pisa KAIST 2012-04-23 2
IJ10 Enzyme and Microbial Technology Kinetic mechanism of fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase from the hyperthermophilic Archaeon Methanococcus jannaschii Hae-Chul Park, Joon-Shik Park, Jung-Do Choi, Micha Hanyang Univ. 2012-04-01 5
IJ09 Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Improvement of Wafer-Level Cu-to-Cu Bonding Quality Using Wet Chemical Pretreatment Jae-Won Kim, Seong-Jae Jeon, Hak-Joo Lee, Seungmin KIMM 2012-04-01 3
IJ08 Molecular & Cellular Proteomics E3Net: A system for exploring E3-mediated regulatory networks of cellular functions Youngwoong Han, Hodong Lee, Jong C. Park and Gwan- KAIST 2012-04-01 2
IJ07 Analytical Chemistry Label-free cell separation using a tunable magnetophoretic repulsion force Fengshan Shen, Hyundoo Hwang, Young Ki Hahn, Je-Ky KAIST 2012-04-01 2
IJ06 the FEBS Journal Bacterial acetohydroxyacid synthase and its inhibitors – a summary of their structure, biological activity and current status Vinayakumar Gedi and Moon-Young Yoon Hanyang Univ. 2012-03-01 5
IJ05 BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH Protein kinase C delta negatively regulates Notch1-dependent transcription via a kinase-independent mechanism in vitro Kim, Minsoon; Ju, Ji-hyun; Jang, Kibeom; Oh, Sunhw Hanyang Univ. 2012-02-01 5 (6)
IJ04 Arch Pharm Res. Oncogenic Challenges in Stem Cells and the Link to Cancer Initiation Ji-Seon Lee, Gab-Yong Bae, Mi-Ok Lee, and Hyuk-Jin Sogang Univ. 2012-02-01 2
IJ03 ADVANCED MATERIALS Ultrasensitive Diagnosis for an Anthrax-Protective Antigen Based on a Polyvalent Directed Peptide Polymer Coupled to Zinc Oxide Nanorods Hye-Yeon Park, Vinayakumar Gedi, Joungmok Kim, Hae Hanyang Univ. 2011-12-01 5
IJ02 BMC BIOINFORMATICS Identification of ubiquitin/ubiquitin-like protein modification from tandem mass spectra with various PTMs Kang, Chiyong Yi, Gwan-Su KAIST 2011-12-01 2
IJ01 Sensors & Actuators : B A continuous cell separator based on gravity force and buoyant force in dissimilar density fluids Ae Gyoung Oh, Dong Woo Lee, Young-Ho Cho KAIST 2011-11-01 2


순번 저널명 제목 저자 소속 등록일 세부과제번호
DJ05 Journal of the Korean Physical Society Improvement in the I-V Characteristics of Carbon Nanotube Network Transistors Using Microwave Treatment Jung Yoon Han, Ju Hun Kim and Wanjun Park 한양대학교 2012-11-01 5
DJ04 대한기계학회 B권 다수의 전기장 분포가 생성되는 단일 미세유로를 이용한 폐암세포 전기천공 및 활성도 분석칩 김민지, 김태윤, 조영호 KAIST 2012-09-01 2
DJ03 Journal of the Korean Physical Society Effect of the Metal Work Function on the Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Network Transistors Un Jeong Kim, Dae Young Ko, Joon Pyo Kil, Jung Wha 한양대학교 2012-05-01 5 (6)
DJ02 대한기계학회 A권 UV경화성 폴리머를 이용한 미소유체 통합접속 벤치 개발 및 전기/유체적 특성평가 윤세찬, 진영현, 조영호 KAIST 2012-05-01 2
DJ01 대한기계학회 B권 서로 다른 밀도의 유체 내 바이오 물질이 받는 중력과 부력 차를 이용한 연속적 세포 분리기 오애경, 이동우, 조영호 KAIST 2012-04-01 2